11 February 2016

Amnesia: Toma 03

amnesia cosplay - toma by stayxxxxこのまま連れ出してよ
Take me away now,
Connecting the bridge of dust and sand together.
作り出す環を のぞきこめば
If you peek into the loop that was made,
Sometime, it will change its shape,
And begin to spin.
また私に そう 出会うために
Yes, in order to meet me again.

I can’t rely on a single thing.
I can’t believe in a single thing.
If at least I had a dream, I would be saved.

Lyrics by Crimson Silk
Translation by Sarah Nelkin

Another amazing cosplay by stayxxxx! I don’t know how she manages to look so different every time she cosplays a new character, but that’s also what I admire so much about her! I really hope I will get to meet her one day! Thanks to Elbereth for sharing this!

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