13 February 2016

Sailor Moon - Steam Punk Version

sailor moon cosplay - steampunk version by jo-anne cosplay

嗚呼 女の子にも譲れぬ矜持がある
Ah, even girls have a kind of pride they cannot give up
それは 王子様に運命投げず
It’s to not give up their fates to their princes,
But to fight with their own volition

Shiny Make-up 輝くよ 星空を集めて
Shiny Make-up, shine! Gather in the starry sky
ただ護られるだけの か弱い存在じゃないわ
I’m not a being so frail that I must only be protected

“Moon Pride”
Lyrics by Sailor Moon Wiki
Translation by Anime Lyrics

Well, this is an interesting version of our beloved Moon Princess, don’t you think? Please do support the cosplayer through her Facebook, Jo-Anne Cosplay and give her a like or two! You’ll find more photos of her steam punk Sailor Moon there!

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