26 February 2016

Amnesia Cast 02: Kent, Shin, Ukyo, Toma, and Ikki

amnesia cosplay cast - kent, shin, ukyo, toma, and ikki

My fate that rains down
Fills up both of my hands.
私ひとりだけじゃ 足りない
But my hands alone are not enough.

Before it overflows...

受け止めて 支えていて
Accept me, support me,
Even if just a little,
I can make a tomorrow that you are able to believe
That there is no such thing as a world without meaning.
I won’t give up anymore.

Lyrics by Crimson Silk
Translation by Sarah Nelkin

I wonder why this particular series draws me in, even though I have never played the game nor have I even seen the anime? I even bought the art book at the Manila International Book Fair, even though it was the browsing copy… I guess it sold out pretty quickly. Not surprising though, because the artwork is really amazing.

Anyway, I believe this set of cosplayers have done the characters justice, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks to Elbereth for sharing this!

EDIT: Thanks to Hitori for letting me know that Ikki's cosplayer is Zixell from World Cosplay! The others that we know of are UM as Kent, Yapa as Toma, and Nia as Ukyo!


  1. Ikki is cosplayer Zixell from Japan. You can find find her on World Cosplay: http://worldcosplay.net/member/zixell

    1. Thank you very much! I'll be sure to credit her on the post and feature her in the coming days, please look forward to it! (^^*)

    2. You're welcome! Welcome back, by the way. I thought your blog was closing down since you haven't been updating for a while. Glad to see that I was wrong.

    3. Yeah, I've been busy in the real world, so I had to take a break. Things are much better now though, thank you! ^_^