24 January 2014

Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker 02

kuroshitsuji / black butler cosplay - undertakerWARNING: This article may contain spoilers from the latest manga chapters of Kuroshitsuji. Please read at your own risk!

A former Grim Reaper and funeral director in London, Undertaker acted as an informant to the Phantomhive family for many years before his true identity came to light. He is eccentric, as well as manipulative and ruthless, but appears to care deeply for Ciel Phantomhive for reasons still unknown. Like Sebastian, he is very interested in humans and the fundamentals of life.

That just looks amazing! The scar on his face and those beautiful, yellow green eyes – definitely one of the best Undertakers I have yet seen! Thanks to Mila for sending this in!

Source: Manga & Anime Zone (M&A Zone) on Blogger

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