17 January 2014

Angel Beats!: Yui 04

angel beats! cosplay - yui by aze顔を合わしたら喧嘩してばかり
If we see each other’s faces, we always fight.
That’s a good memory too.

きみが教えてくれたんだ もう恐くない
You taught me that; I’m not afraid anymore.
どんな不自由でも幸せは掴める だから
No matter what kind of impairment I may have, I can grasp happiness. That’s why…

ひとりでもゆくよ 例え辛くても
Even if I’m alone, I’ll go, even if it’s difficult.
きみと見た夢は 必ず持ってくよ
I’ll definitely bring the dream I had with you.
きみとがよかった ほかの誰でもない
I’m glad it was with you, and nobody else.
でも目覚めた朝 きみは居ないんだね
But when I woke up in the morning, you weren’t there.

“The Best Treasure”
Lyrics and Translation by
Anime Lyrics

This is probably my most favorite photo of her as Yui! Do you guys recognize this cosplayer? I used to tag her under a different name, but now she’s created a cosplayer’s account on Facebook. Her name is Aze, and she cosplayed Isanami from Brave 10 and Rei Kuassary from Karma! Please continue to support her!

Source: Aze on Facebook

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