21 January 2014

Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi: Onodera Ritsu and Saga Masamune

sekaiichi hatsukoi cosplay - onodera ritsu and saga masamune

When they were still in high school, Onodera Ritsu had a crush on his sempai, Saga Masamune. He never spoke to him in person, but adored him from afar. Seeing as how much Masamune loved to read, Onodera decided that he would everything Masamune did in their school library. They eventually got together and Masamune even ended up tutoring Onodera after school.

This looks like a scene from a live action movie! I love the look on Masamune’s face! He looks bored but he stay with the sleeping Onodera anyway! Thanks to Toki for sharing this!

Source: Toki’s Manga Marathon

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