07 February 2013

Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive 02

kuroshitsuji cosplay - sebastian michaelis and ciel phantomhive
Source: Other Worlds Cosplay on Tumblr
While attending undercover at ball hosted by the Viscount of Druitt, Ciel Phantomhive managed to catch the Viscount’s attention and flirted with him in the hopes of finding out what his plans were. However, while he was alone with the Viscount, Ciel lost consciousness, and later found himself being sold in a large underground auction. When the Viscount removed Ciel’s blindfold to show off his eyes, Ciel called for Sebastian Michaelis, who swiftly came to rescue his young master.

Absolutely stunning! And the umbrella adds a nice touch to Ciel’s attire. I only wish Sebastian was in his tutor’s clothing too! Thanks to Daniela for sending this in!

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  1. Funny, both Ciel cosplay are dressing as a girl.