11 January 2014

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de - Hachiyou Shou: Fuji-hime and Motomiya Akane

harukanaru toki no naka de - hachiyou shou cosplay - fuji-hime and motomiya akane

A cheerful, high school freshman, Motomiya Akane was summoned into the world of Kyo to become the Ryuujin no Miko, the Priestess of the Dragon God. She is the only one able to communicate with the Ryuujin, and Fuji-hime, being the last descendent of the Star Clan is destined to assist her. Although Fuji-hime is only 10 years old, she is quite the responsible young lady.

A lovely setting and scene for this cosplay! And Fuji Sakura (藤桜) definitely makes a very cute Fuji-hime! Please visit her profile page for more of her lovely photos!

Source: 藤桜 on Cosplayers Archive

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