31 January 2014

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!: Ayuzawa Misaki and Usui Takumi

kaichou wa maid-sama! cosplay - ayuzawa misaki and usui takumiDuring his second year at Seika High, Usui Takumi became interested in the first female student council president, Ayuzawa Misaki. He learned her secret of working part-time at a maid cafe, and Misaki became suspiciou that his interest in her is mainly due to his intents on blackmailing her. As a result, despite telling her many times that he loves her, Misaki refuses to accept his feelings, dismissing his behavior as a joke or a form of sexual harassment.

I can’t believe I only had one cosplay feature from this series! It’s one of my favorites so far, so I guess I better start hunting! Thanks to Jill for sending this!

Source: Hyko on World Cosplay

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