15 January 2014

Another: Misaki Mei

another live action - misaki mei by hashimoto ai

When Sakakibara Koichi was sent to the hospital due to his heart condition, he claimed to have strange dreams about a mysterious girl with a doll’s eye.

A few days later, he meets the same girl from his dream in the hospital. He gingerly approached her, asking what she was looking for in the basement. However, she doesn’t answer him and continued to walk with a doll in her hand.

About a month later, Koichi entered Yomiyama North High and meets the girl with a doll’s eye once again. This time, she was in his classroom, sitting at the back of the class. However, when he asked his classmates about her, they all claimed that the desk was empty.

I’ve just seen this movie, and it really creeped me out. Of course, I guess it doesn’t help that my brother was watching with me and he was doing his very best to scare me even more! But I have to admit, Hashimoto Ai makes a very good (and cute) Misaki Mei!

Have you guys seen this movie yet?

Source: ultra43 on Deviant Art

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