02 January 2014

Future Diary: Amano Yukiteru and Gasai Yuno

future diary cosplay - amano yukiteru and gasai yuno by juliann ysabel and john rey sabanganWhen Amano Yukiteru was waiting at a bus station for Akise Aru to arrive, he was suddenly dragged away by Gasai Yuno to a bridal fair. They were welcomed by Kurusu Keigo’s wife, and they both got to dress up as bride and groom. The main event allowed Yuki and Yuno to rehearse the chapel ceremony, and although Yuki hesitated, he went through with it anyway. It is unknown as to whether he answered “yes” or “no” to that ultimate question.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, this is a scene from episode 10 of Future Diary. The cosplayers featured are Juliann Ysabel as Yuno and John Rey Sabangan as Yuki! Please visit their Facebook Pages for more of their photos and also their photographer’s page, Kim Mantos Photography. Thanks to Ysabel for sending this in!

Source: Juliann Ysabel on Facebook

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