22 May 2009

Inuyasha: Sesshoumaru 04

inuyasha cosplay - sesshoumaru 04

The older half-brother of Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru could not understand why his father left the powerful Tetsusaiga to Inuyasha while he, the pure blooded youkai, only had the Tenseiga, a sword that brings the dead back to life. As a result, he despises his brother and wishes to take the Tetsusaiga from him.

As the series progresses, Sesshoumaru changes and slowly becomes compassionate towards the young human girl, Rin. When Naraku dared to kidnap Rin in order to manipulate Sesshoumaru, he vowed to destroy Naraku at any cost... even if it meant having to work with Inuyasha and his companions.

Beautiful, cinematic cosplay! It makes me want to re-watch the entire series... and find that OVA about the girl who loved Sesshoumaru. Has anyone seen it


  1. very good and beautiful!!!
    ammm...write my facebook, my
    name is pamela fernanda molina fuenzalida

  2. Wow. That's gotta be one of the best Sesshoumaru cosplays I've ever seen.

  3. no way
    you are every bit as beautiful as he is.
    great job :)

  4. Muy bueno ... es imprecionante El perecido . yo diria exito . me convence y Mucho . bueno chau suerte uno de Todos . bezoz

  5. tres interessant, merci

  6. It's really amazing!
    You're pretty as Sesshoumaru, for sure!good work!

  7. This is MAGNIFICENT! I'm not much of a fun of cosplay but MAN I think this is EXACTLY what Sesshoumaru would look like if he were REAL! Awesome job! Hey, could you cosplay Hibari Kyouya from KHR bext?