05 February 2012

Dragon Ball Z: Android 18, 16, and 17

dragon ball z cosplay - android 18, 16, and 17In Episode 133 of Dragon Ball Z, “Nightmare Comes True”, Future Trunks and Vegeta searched the mountains for Dr. Gero’s laboratory. Future Trunks tried to warn Vegeta that the Androids were more powerful than he realized, but Vegeta paid him no heed.

Meanwhile, the remaining Z Fighters arrived at the North City and decided to split up to cover more ground. Krillin was attacked by Dr. Gero, but he managed to follow the Doctor to his laboratory and signaled the others. While the Z Fighters tried to break in, Dr. Gero activated Android 17 and Android 18; both of which were not really inclined to be under his control.

Well this is a cosplay you don’t get to see everyday. Dragon Ball is such a classic series after all, so seeing really great cosplays of the characters are quite rare these days. Thanks to Ruri for sending this in!

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