25 February 2012

Trinity Blood: Esther Blanchett

trinity blood cosplay - esther blanchettThe legitimate granddaughter of the Queen of Albion, Esther Blanchett was brought to Istvan shortly after her birth in order to keep her hidden from those who wish to assassinate her. Her father, Prince Gilbert, was unfortunately killed a little after she was born. Edward White took her to an orphanage in Istvan where she was raised to be a nun by Bishop Laura Vitez, who loved Esther like her own daughter.

A very detailed cosplay by cosplayer Kaikida, who made this costume with MrGnob! Certainly well-deserving of their Daily Deviation award! Thanks again to Niena for sending this in!


  1. Beading, trims, laces, gems, silk--I'm not sure I even want to know how much money went into the construction of this magnificent cosplay *shudders*
    Overall, this is truly amazing workmanship! *o*

  2. I'd have to agree... Even if those pearls aren't real pearls, sewing them on there probably took a lot of time and effort...