19 January 2012

D. Gray-Man: Kanda Yu 05

d. gray-man cosplay - kanda yu 5 by rainer tachibanaWARNING: This article contains spoilers. Please read at your own risk!

Second Exorcist Kanda Yu refuses to die until he finds a “certain person”, revealed to be a female Exorcist whose brain was placed into fellow Second Exorcist, Alma Karma. Kanda was the second Second Exorcist to awaken and was initially hostile towards Alma, but the two eventually became friends. When Kanda began to remember his past life, the people behind the Synthetic Disciple Project made the decision to terminate him, but Alma managed to rescue him.

Another fantastic cosplay by Rainer Tachibana! Please hop on over to her Deviant Art Gallery for more of her awesome work! First found on Cosplay Endless’ Tumblr!

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