14 August 2010

D. Gray-man: Allen Walker 04

d. gray-man cosplay - allen walker 4 by ringA kind-hearted and friendly person, Allen Walker has the ability to see the souls of the akuma which led to his decision to live and fight for them. He eventually realizes that human souls also need salvation and devoted himself to both causes. His wish to save humanity frustrates fellow exorcist Kanda Yu, who believes that exorcists are not saviors.

Awesome cosplay! I wonder what the cosplayer used to draw the scar/tattoo over Allen’s eye? Thanks to Tamimi for sending this!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know the cosplayer's name is Ring!


  1. BEAUTIFUL ALLEN WALKER! Oh, by the ways, this cosplay was done by RING. I love her cosplays of Allen Walker! :) But, I have to get her permission before I can get her cosplay pictures onto my a-town.

  2. Ring is the name of the cosplayer? Does s/he have a site I can link to? ^_^

  3. She doesn't have a blog, but a link. Here is the link, http://sky7anime.net/forums/viewtopic/2713

    the person who put it up was "animesempai" Animesempai is an acquaintance of RING, so I asked animesempai first.

  4. Your so freaking cute~<3
    Best Allen cosplay ever :D
    She's a girl?
    I thought you she was a really adorable dud :D (sorry but your still to cute)

  5. Hello! I'm sorry for being an Anonymous person telling you that her name was Ring. -_-''' But, yep. Her name is Ring and I love her! Btw...my name is Hana. Nice to meet you!

  6. Thank you, Hana! It's nice to meet you too. :)

    I gave Ring her own tag here in Cosplay Holic. Please do let me know if she has a personal website that I can give her credit on! :3