14 May 2011

Guilty Gear: Ky Kiske, A.B.A., Millia Rage, and Sol Badguy

guilty gear cosplay - ky kiske by twinklee, a.b.a. by shastachan, millia rage by rallamajoop, and sol badguy by velithya

In the year 2010, mankind discovered an unlimited energy source of incredible power, which they labeled as “Magic”. Despite providing a solution for the world’s energy crisis, wars continued to erupt from all parts of the globe. Eventually, the power of Magic was combined with humans and other creatures creating living weapons known as Gears.

Stunning cosplay by Twinklee, Shastachan, Rallamajoop, and Velithya! You gotta love how in character all the poses are! Thanks also to Risachantag for the awesome photography!

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