14 May 2011

Air Gear: Minami Itsuki

air gear cosplay - minami ikki itsuki by ac024 / chen mei yiA free spirited AT rider, Minami Itsuki is known as "Ikki" by his friends and "Crow" to many others. He has a natural affiliation for being in the sky and was introduced to ATs by the Noyamano family, an acquaintance he lives with after the death of his parents. Ikki is often characterized as a crow thanks to the small crow, Kuu, who uses his hair as a nest.

Another awesome cosplay from Chen Mei Yi! I just hope she doesn’t have a crow nesting in her hair too! Thanks to Nanami for sharing this!


  1. She forgot the finishing touch: "AT" xD
    Anyways, excellent cosplay of Karasu, the best 1 I have seen so far. I hope we can get moar cosplay of AG.. specially of Ringo and Simca *o*. Keep the good work!!!

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