26 October 2010

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle: Margaret Moonlight

no more heroes 2: desperate struggle cosplay - margaret moonlightThe 4th ranked assassin in the game, Margaret Moonlight is a gothic lolita character who uses a pair of giant, bladed crossbows called Le Croissant du ange. She whistles a song known as “Philistine” which is the last thing her victims hear before their untimely death. She first fought with Travis at the top of a supermarket building but ultimately met her demise in his hands.

Beautiful cosplay by ~AG-Emily of Deviant Art! Really love the action shot and all the details of her costume! Thanks to Lady Audrey for sending this in!


  1. Those things look heavy. You can kinda tell from her stage performance on youtube. I was so nervous that she was going to trip and fall >.< Thankfully, she didn't :)

  2. "pair of giant, bladed crossbows"

    - They're actually a pair of modified Barrett M82 Anti-air rifles with tungsten steel scythes attached to the butt-stock of the barrels