04 August 2010

Durarara!!: Celty Sturluson

durarara!! cosplay - celty sturlusonA Dullahan from Ireland, Celty Sturluson is a supernatural being who came to Japan in search for her stolen head. She has no heart and is able to perceive and function via unknown censors that are not located on the head. Celty is able to manipulate a shadow-like substance to form objects ranging from gloves to chariots at will.

Despite her strength and power, Celty does fear one thing: that if her stolen head is destroyed, she may also cease to exist.

I was quite stunned to see this in Mezurashi and knew that I would have to feature this ASAP. I wonder Valefor Ho is the photographer? In any case, thanks for sharing this!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for linking photographer Valefor's Deviant Art.

EDIT2: Thanks to Valefor for revealing the cosplayer to be *sakana of Deviant Art!


  1. http://browse.deviantart.com/photography/?q=celty#/d2p9hjk

  2. Thanks for the information! I'll let Valefor know. ^_^