23 August 2010

Hetalia: Axis Powers: Hong Kong

hetalia: axis powers cosplay - hong kongThere is very little known about Hong Kong, aside from being under the British's control for many years. No one can really tell what’s on his mind as he seldom shows emotion, if at all. He speaks in a mixture of Japanese and English.

Although I would like to applaud this cosplayer for the great work, this feature is also to pay tribute to Hong Kong. Several tourists who were on their way back home to Hong Kong were killed in a hostage situation in the Philippines just a few hours ago. No clear information has been released, but the incident was televised and watching it was very horrifying.

I am saddened by this, as I used to work in Hong Kong as well. May God bless the departed souls and the families who were left behind.


  1. 7 people were killed.

  2. Yes... and the way the situation was handled seemed so... strange.

    Why did they attack the bus when there were still hostages inside? :(

  3. Apparently the bus driver told the police everyone was dead, still in a case with hostages police shouldn't have taken just his word for it. Unless they're just using him as the scape goat for a police f*** up. Someone in LA whose brother is in the SWAT team said some of those hostages were killed by police fire.

  4. People in my house have the same opinion. The live broadcast was a little shaky and unclear, but it wouldn't be surprising if some of the hostages were killed by police gunfire.

    I don't even know why they thought they could believe the driver when he was sitting in front. How can he tell everyone was dead? There's also the possibility that someone told the driver to say that so that the police can attack the bus.

  5. That's horrible.

    This cosplay is really stunning though. Is that a guy, or a girl?