08 August 2008

Loveless: Zero - Sagan Natsuo and Sagan Youji

loveless cosplay - zero - sagan natsuo and sagan youji

Blunt, cold, and literally without feelings, Sagan Natsuo and Youji are the 2nd Generation Zero Pair of Sagan Nagisa’s experiments. The same with Soubi and Ritsuka, Natsuo, the one with the eye patch is the fighter of the two while Youji is the sacrifice.

It’s quite obvious that Nagisa prefers Youji over Natsuo. Youji explains that it’s because he resembles Nagisa’s younger sister.

This is a pretty popular cosplay picture on the Internet. I hadn’t been able to figure out who they were until recently. Youji kinda looks like a young Youko Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, doesn’t he?

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