16 August 2008

The World Ends With You: Sakuraba Neku

the world ends with you cosplay - sakuraba neku

From one of the popular games in NDS, “The World Ends With You” comes Sakuraba Neku. He is a quiet boy who prefers to listen to his music than interact with other people. But Neku is no ordinary teenage boy, he has a strong imagination that allows him to use “psychic pins”.

The picture is a little over-exposed, but it’s convincingly Neku. I love the hair and the headphones..! No wonder his nickname is “Phones”. Good job!


  1. mmmh... i don't know >__< seems like it's just a really really well done imgane in photoshop D: or maybe it is a picture with too much photoshop xD
    and if it's a cosplay... i wouldn't think he/she is cosplaying Neku... NEKU IS COSPLAYING HIM/HER!!

  2. I think it's pretty cool. I like the hair. X)

  3. Wow i have to say thats pretty cool :D
    Even if it's done in photoshop this is done damn good ^^