22 October 2007

OS-Tan: Windows ME

os-tan cosplay - windows meA lot of people seem to be interested in OS-Tans since I brought the topic up… So I thought a new OS-Tan Cosplay picture might be best to start my flood on cosplays yet again.

Now here we have ME-Tan. As I mentioned before in the first review of 2k-Tan, ME is quite an unstable Operating System, so 2k-Tan or XP-Tan is usually by her side. That’s why she has a signature “!” on her bow… Error warnings are always and forever there.

But isn’t she a cute ME-Tan? I don’t think a lot of people would mind having an OS like her since she’s so cute! Good job on this one! I love the green hair, since I like this shade more than the original yellow-green color…

0perat1ve! os-tan fansiteOh, before I forget, this picture is from 0PERAT1VE!, an OS-Tan Fansite, though I adjusted this image in terms of size, contrast, and brightness. Please go have a visit in their site when you have the time for more information and pictures on OS-Tans!

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