30 October 2007

Chobits: Chi

chobits cosplay - chi aka elda Chi is probably one of the most cosplayed characters from an anime series, and yet there are very few people who can cosplay her accurately.

I suppose not everyone can pull off a cute and innocent looking face…

This cosplayer though… I like her very much, even though she has a silver wig on. One could probably argue that this is a manga version of Chi, right?

Chi is a persocom, or a personal computer who is an android. In the Chobits world, PCs and Laptops/Notebooks are in the shape of a human robot, and they can virtually follow you everywhere. An interesting note is that the persocoms are solar powered, getting their energy only from the sun.

This Chi is so cute… Makes me want to have Chobit ears too…

Found in Photobucket!

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