24 October 2007

Fate/Stay Night: Saber a.k.a. Arturia Pendragon

arisa mizuhara in fate/stay night cosplay - saber aka arturia pendragonMy apologies for flooding the blog with Arisa Mizuhara’s cosplays, but this is a rare opportunity to show a really good Fate/Stay Night cosplay of Saber. And, might I add, this is also a good time to post a requested cosplay image.

It’s quite difficult to look for a nice cosplay of this character (who is my very favorite!). I’m not entirely sure why. It may be because of the costume or the hair, but whatever the reason… This cosplay is done very nicely.

Alright, so her eyes aren’t the same color as the original character’s. And the sword can use some work. But really… The cosplayer herself is breath-taking, don’t you think? A really nice camera angle too… No wonder Arisa is a professional cosplay idol.

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