24 September 2007

OS-Tan: Windows 2000

os-tan cosplay - windows 2000The idea of personifying operating systems has been around for quite a while. Lately, the designs of the OS-tans have been standardized, basing off their performance as an operating system.

Here is a picture of Windows 2000 Professional. “2k-tan”, as she is commonly called as, is an intelligent, reserved woman with short hair, glasses, and electronic cat ears. She’s made to look professional because she is the most stable operating system. Windows ME came out almost at the same time 2000 did, but because 2000 is more stable compared to ME, 2k-tan is often considered to be the “guardian” of ME.

She’s a really cute 2k-tan, don’t you think? I wonder, when the time comes that they make real, human sized PC, will they make them look like her?

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