03 March 2016

Free!: Nanase Haruka and Tachibana Makoto 03

free! (anime) cosplay - nanase haruka and tachibana makoto by xilou and kumaqi

Rage on

brilliant light
Stay sharp and turn your eyes to the moment

the sun is blazing on my zealot
better nothing else to be
what I want

what is the nothing that I got?

find delight in this siren

“Rage On” by Anime Lyrics
with transliteration by Chokoreeto
and translation by bambooXZX

Don’t KumaQi and XiLou make a lovely pair of cosplayers for Free!? I wonder how they managed to get this shot… Did they hire a photographer or rent a pool? Maybe they used an underwater camera? Either way, it’s a very lovely photo! Thanks to Mica for sending this in!

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