09 December 2013

Yu Yu Hakusho: Youko Kurama 05

Compared to his human counterpart, Youko Kurama appears to be more cruel, vindictive, and merciless. This was first shown in his fight against Karasu during the semi-final rounds of the Dark Tournament. However, Kurama later explains that his demonic spirit was merged with the human spirit of Minamino Shuichi over time. He is therefore “both the demon Kurama as well as the human Minamino Shuuichi.”

Minamino Tetra makes quite a stunning Youko! It’s almost a little creepy when I look at it, since she looks very sadistic, pretty much like the character. Thanks to Jaime for sending this in!

Source: 南野弖虎 on Cosplayers Archive

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