23 December 2013

Strawberry Panic!: Hanazono Shizuma

strawberry panic cosplay hanazono shizuma by hasumi

The current Etoile from St. Miator Girls’ Academy, Hanazono Shizuma is a highly respected and well-loved onee-sama of Astrea Hill. She appears to be a very mysterious person who does not easily allow anyone to get close to her. Despite her difficult personality, she has many fans and is also infamous for her talents in acting and playing the piano.

A very beautiful Shizuma by Hasumi (蓮見)! I don’t really like this character very much, but she is the main character of Strawberry Panic! And well, I can’t deny that this cosplayer portrays her very well. Thanks again to Norby for sending this in!

Source: 蓮見 on Cosplayers Archive

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