15 December 2013

Uta no Prince-sama: Quartet Night

uta no prince-sama cosplay quartet night camus kotobuki reiji kurosaki ranmaru and mikaze ai

An idol group form Shining Entertainment, Quartet Night consists of four members (in photo from left to right): Camus, Kotobuki Reiji, Kurosaki Ranmaru, and Mikaze Ai. In the second season of Uta no Prince-sama, they only performed as a unit as requested by Shining Saotome. Most of them preferred to work alone, with the exception of Reiji, who appears to like the idea of forming a group. They mentored the members of STARISH in their Master Course.

Another amazing cosplay by ALCO G as Camus! Of course, let us also give credit to her friends, Akio (アキオ) as Reiji, HIDE as Ranmaru, and Ei (英) as Ai! They look like they will have a lot of fun if they’re living together in one apartment, don’t you think? Thanks again to Mina for sending this in!

Source: ALCO G on Cosplayers Archive

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