30 March 2013

Final Fantasy X-2: Rikku 11

final fantasy x-2 cosplay rikku 10
Source: Crunchyroll
When the soles of the shoes we’ve been used to wearing for so long have worn out
And there’s also a hole in our moods, do we just give up and stop?

Barefoot is fine; we’ll throw off our old shoes
And ride the dancing wind in our bare skin

Once we’ve crossed the hill, there's the summer sea
Let's run down to the shining beach

“Barefoot Trail”
Translation by
Anime Lyrics

Another beautiful Rikku cosplay! I think this could actually be Mei Wai, but I’m not completely sure. What do you guys think? Thanks to Minami for sending this in!


  1. This cosplayer looks the same as rikku 09 on youre site, but if you speak of 美歪 ( mei wai ) i think of this girl


    she looks different then the girls in the mei wai tag here, but then again maybe they simply have the same name :)

    1. Hm... to me, they look kind of similar? And Mei Wai is also from China. Maybe this is from when she was a little younger? Maybe?