02 March 2013

Unknown Cosplay #142

unknown cosplay 142 from japan comiket 83
Source: Marcello Masiero on Flickr
Another day, another unknown cosplay.

I don’t know about you guys, but this guessing game brings back a lot of great memories. And I’m hoping you’re having fun with it too.

Now then, kawaii girl with the orange and while kimono styled costume, I wonder who might you be? And I also wonder why your cosplay really reminds me of Yuna from Final Fantasy X? Possibly the cut-off sleeves and hairstyle? Maybe?

I’ll leave the mystery with you guys, and here’s the full body shot in case that helps unravel the mystery. Thanks again to Marcello for letting me feature this!


  1. she kinda reminded me of Mai from King of Fighters but not sure

    1. Yeah, she does have that vibe, but I don't know anything about this alternate outfit... or hairstyle. :x Did she ever cut her hair?

    2. the girl didn't have the wig for it maybe :p
      looks cute though