31 August 2012

Final Fantasy X: Bahamut

final fantasy x cosplay - bahamut

Bahamut, sometimes called “The Dragon King”, is one of the most popular summons in the Final Fantasy series. He has appeared in several installments, including his own game entitled “Bahamut Lagoon”. Bahamut is typically depicted as the strongest among storyline summons and most of the time, the player must prove that they are worthy by winning a battle against Bahamut himself, or in rare occasions, another storyline boss.

I don’t know from which of the Final Fantasy series this Bahamut is, but needless to say, their cosplay is fantastic! Thanks to Jazz for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to 愛子 藤原 for letting me know that this Bahamut came from Final Fantasy X!

29 August 2012

Dead or Alive: Kasumi 05

dead or alive cosplay - kasumi by shooting star's

Because she is now considered to be a traitor, Kasumi has been constantly hunted by assassins sent by her own clan. However, she still wished to see her brother Hayate, who was now the clan’s leader, and her half-sister Ayane. Kasumi entered the third DOA tournament hoping to meet with them one last time.

Another amazing cosplay by Shooting Star’s! I love the crane design she has on her outfit. And the ribbons on her stockings add a nice touch. Thanks to Sean for sending this in!

28 August 2012

Kuroshitsuji II: Alois Trancy 06

kuroshitsuji ii cosplay - alois trancy 6Born on November 5, 1875, Alois is a bipolar child who appears to be happy and carefree, but is actually quite morbid and manipulative. He gouged out his servant Hannah’s left eye simply to see if it will annoy his servants. It was was thought that Alois was kidnapped after birth, thus resulting in his mother’s suicide.

This looks absolutely gorgeous! Although the contributor, Lilica is not too sure if this is Alois or not since he’s not wearing his signature coat. What do you guys think?

27 August 2012

Kuroko no Basuke Cast

kuroko no basuke cosplay cast

When Teiko Middle School’s basketball team suddenly rose to distinction for their superior skill, the five regulars of the team became known as the “Generation of Miracles”. However, there was in fact a sixth player from the Generation of Miracles, Kuroko Tetsuya, who now attends Seirin High and wishes to make his school the top basketball team in Japan. In order to do so, he must fight against each of his former teammates, who are each attending different high schools as well.

Awesome team cosplay is awesome! Even though I haven’t seen this yet, after reading the description, I think I really want to watch it now. Thanks again to Pandora for sending this in!

26 August 2012

Coin and Flour: Flour and Coin

coin and flour cosplay by lokie heart and jemkun appleseed

Meet Flour, one of Heaven’s mail separators, and Coin, Hell’s delivery man. Two separate fates, two separate worlds, two completely different individuals who will eventually meet at the crossroads of destiny. Could an angel and a demon really find love?

This is probably one of my favorite series from Oh No! Manga. And the characters are cosplayed beautifully by Loki Heart and Jemkun AppleSeed! My thanks to photographer Erving Go for allowing me to share this on site!

25 August 2012

Gokusen: Yamaguchi Kumiko “Yankumi” and Sawada Shin

gokusen cosplay - yamaguchi kumiko yankumi and sawada shin by juliann ysabel

As the granddaughter of the Yakuza boss, Kuroda of the Kuroda Ikka, Yamaguchi Kumiko is next in line to become the head of the family business, but her lifelong dream has always been to become a teacher. While her grandfather approves of her dream, there are many others in the family who wishes for her to become the next boss. When she finally becomes a teacher at an all-boys private high school, her class is full of delinquents and Sawada Shin is one of her first students to suspect that she was no ordinary teacher.

Cute cosplay by Juliann Ysabel and her friend, whose name we’ve yet to know! That punch looks a bit painful, are teachers even allowed to do that? Thanks again for sending this in!

24 August 2012

Seikon no Qwaser: Alexander "Sasha" Nikolaevich Hell and Ekaterina "Katja" Kurae

seikon no qwaser cosplay - alexander sasha nikolaevich hell and ekanterino katja kurae by kara and hizuki yuuki

Thanks to her doll-like features and childish demeanor, Ekaterina Kurae has a strong following from the student body of St. Mihailov Elementary School and is entitled their queen. It is possibly because of this following that she has attempted to subjugate her comrade-in-arms, Sasha, whom she had almost defeated when the two Qwasers first met.

Ekaterina is often hinted to have deep connections with the late Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family, the last monarch of Russia.

Awesome cosplay bu Japanese cosplayers, Kara and Hizuki Yuuki! But I have to say that the location and photography is equally impressive as the cosplayers themselves. Thanks again to Anthony for sending this in!

23 August 2012

Hetalia: Axis Powers: Belarus 02

hetalia: axis powers cosplay - belarus by yukino

Russia’s younger sister, Belarus strikes fear to the hearts of many due to her harsh and intimidating demeanor. She wishes to marry her brother someday, and despises Lithuania, who happens to have a crush on her. Belarus doesn’t like anyone who becomes close to Russia and tends to remain by his side to threaten those who dare to come near.

Another amazing cosplay by Yukino! In case you’re looking for her Deviant Art account, she’s moved to ~Rii-ki-AruxKol. Thanks again for sending this in!

22 August 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters: Yami Marik and Marik Ishtar

yu-gi-oh! duel monsters cosplay - yami marik and marik ishtar

The Ishtars have guarded the tomb of the Pharaoh for many generations. As their heir, Marik received the Millennium Rod and with his Ghouls organization, he wished to obtain the three Egyptian God Cards to unlock their power and gain the title of “Pharaoh” in order to set his family free. In the Japanese anime, Marik was led to believe that the Pharaoh was responsible for his father’s death and therefore sought revenge on the ancient Pharaoh’s soul.

Great cosplay by Jesshime as Yami Marik and Alice Locket as Marik! I’m beginning to wonder if they’re twins or if they just have really similar make-up. They both look amazing nonetheless! Thanks again to Cherokee for sending this in!

21 August 2012

Final Fantasy XIII: Éclair Farron aka Lightning 04

final fantasy xiii cosplay - eclair farron aka lightning by jess jagmin

A series of web novellas entitled “Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero: Promise” by Jun Eishima depicted the thirteen days leading up to the beginning of Final Fantasy XIII. In the first part of the series, "Encounter", Lightning opposed the engagement of her younger sister Serah to the leader of the rebel group NORA, Snow Villiers. Lightning had not realized that Serah has become a l'Cie on her 21st birthday until it was too late. She then resigned as Sergeant of the Guardian Corps in order to go with Sazh Katzroy to save her sister.

Awesome cosplay by Jess Jagmin! She wore this in Anime North 2011 which was held in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Not only is Jess a great cosplayer, but she’s a graphic designer as well! Be sure to check out her portfolio for more of her work! Thanks again for sending this in!

20 August 2012

Naruto: Shippuden: Deidara

naruto cosplay - deidara A former ninja of Iwagakure, Deidara was a terrorist bomber-for-hire before Uchiha Itachi forced him to join the Akatsuki. Though he came to embrace the organization, Deidara holds a grudge against Itachi and all of the Uchiha because he feels their Sharingan eyes look down on his abilities. He was initially partnered with Sasori, but Sasori is replaced by Tobi after his death.

This is pretty awesome and also a little creepy! But the character is really well-cosplayed in this photo! Thanks to Jeannie for sending this in!

19 August 2012

Diablo 3: Demon Hunter

diablo 3 cosplay - demon hunter at oh no! manga cosplay camp

I do realize this little boy girl(!) is one of the contestants who participated in the cosplay competition, but unfortunately, I was one of the judges for the art competition so I didn’t have time to watch the cosplayers at the catwalk or pay close attention to our host announcing the characters.

That being said, I’m pretty sure someone will be able to tell me what character this little guy gal is cosplaying as. We literally jumped out of our seats when we saw him her walk by in front of our table and asked for pictures. I just hope we didn’t scare him her.

I hope Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2 will come soon! I heard this time there will be a Mangaka Expo too. Oh No! Oh yes?

EDIT: Thanks to Josh029 for letting me know she is a Demon Hunter from Diablo 3!

EDIT 2: Thanks to Aki for correcting me! This is her cosplay and she is a little girl! Awww~

18 August 2012

Touhou Project: Hakurei Reimu 06

touhou project cosplay - hakurei reimu by clarissa punipun

Here’s something you don’t get to see (or hear) everyday.

Indonesian cosplayer Clarissa Punipun not only cosplayed Hakurei Reimu beautifully, but this talented cosplayer played Touhou Project’s “Silent Ensemble” on her cello at Hellofest v6!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a recording of her actually playing the song, but if you’re curious to know what is sounds like, here’s a youtube link of the song in violin. Thanks again to Clarissa for letting me feature this!

17 August 2012

Vocaloid 2: Kaito and Kagamine Len

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kaito and kagamine len by kaname and yuegene

良いこと尽くめ の夢から覚めたディスクの空きメモリは,
After I had woken up from a dream full of good things, yes / What exactly went through my mind then?
I am invaded by this thing called love of incomprehensible nature, and so after that, what happened was, ah

What could I possibly have done for there was a split in two – inside of my heart
It’s just that I thought this capacity for control shouldn’t exist the way it does, though it is real, yes

“Two-Faced Errors” Lyrics and Translation by

Two famous cosplayers, Kaname and Yuegene, in one photo?! You know that’s feature worthy as soon as you come across it! And isn’t it just adorable how Kaito is helping Len with his hair?

For those who are still guessing, that’s Kaname as Kaito and Yuegene as Kagamine Len. Please view the original in Yuegene’s Facebook post.

16 August 2012

DC Comics: Justice League

dc comics cosplay - justice league

A fictional superhero team, the Justice League originally had Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter in their team roster during the 1960’s. Since then, several other superheroes have joined their ranks including Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, Black Canary, the Atom, Hawkman, Elongated Man, Red Tornado, Firestorm, Zatanna, other Green Lanterns, and many others.

This is amazing. Heck, even Starro is amazing. And for those asking, Wonder Woman is cosplayed by Margie Cox, so please pay a visit to her Facebook and see the original photo here. I don’t know the rest of the cosplayers, but thumbs up to Grace Moss of BodhiTree Photography for the awesome shot!

15 August 2012

Looking for a… Better Boyfriend: Jun Wenceslao

looking for a... better boyfriend cosplay - jun wenceslao

When Jun Wenceslao broke up with her last boyfriend, she never realized that a drink of her favorite chocolate milk would change her life forever… literally.

You see, having a mad scientist for a mother is not as easy and fun as it may sound. That chocolate milk drink? Well, it turned Jun from being a heart-broken girl into a full-fledged guy (yes, it’s “hanging there” according to Chapter 2) overnight!

“If I were to become a guy, then I would never make a girl cry!”

Guess we’ll just have to see if Jun can stay true to her his word. For now, I hope you like the photo! And in case you’re wondering, yes, the cosplayer, Ershn Yves is a guy and yes, that really is the 23-foot Unicorn Gundam in the background

14 August 2012

Lupin III: Arsène Lupin III and Jigen Daisuke

lupin iii cosplay - arsène lupin iii and jigen daisuke

Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of the gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin, is considered to be the world's greatest thief. Lupin is well-known for announcing his intentions to steal valuable objects by sending a calling card to the owners of his desired items. His right-hand man and closest ally is Jigen Daisuke, an expert marksman who has an accuracy of nearly 100%.

This feature sure brings back a lot of great memories. I’m surprised someone still cosplays these characters. Thanks to Elmer for sharing this!

13 August 2012

Get Backers: Fuchoin Kazuki 02

get backers cosplay - fuchoin kazuki 2 by kenn

Formerly one of the Four Kings of the Volts, Kazuki is the last master of the Fuuchouin Thread Arts, a fighting style which utilizes koto strings controlled by vibrations in his fingertips. The strings can tear up solid earth, bones, skin, muscles, and even steel. Kazuki can also use his strings to listen in on distant conversations.

According to his Cure Profile, Kenn is a male cosplayer from China. I really thought he was a girl at first because he’s so… pretty. Kazuki is definitely the perfect character for him to cosplay. Thanks to Ohime (Kenn’s number one fan) for sending this in!

12 August 2012

Unknown Entry 127

unknown cosplay 127 at oh no! manga cosplay camp

One thing I learned from attending my first cosplay convention in a long time is that there are really a lot of characters that I don’t recognize. Is it because I’m that far out of the loop or that there are really a lot of new anime and games coming out these days?

Well, the good thing about this blog is that I can post as many photos of unknown cosplays I want. Some people have been treating this like a game every week, which is all good for me.

It was hard to miss this guy at the convention because he was by the entrance of the Sky Dome. I’m not sure if he was there on purpose, but people were snapping photos of him every 2 minutes! I kinda felt bad for him being stuck there, but it looked like he was having fun (at least, I’d like to think so).

So, would anyone happen to know who he’s cosplaying as and who the cosplayer is? Feel free to leave comments here or on my Facebook Page. Hope you like the photo!

11 August 2012

Devil May Cry / Black★Rock Shooter: Dante and Black Rock Shooter

devil may cry / black rock shooter cosplay - dante and black rock shooter at otakuthon 2012

Now here’s an epic crossover you don’t get to see everyday.

Cosplay couple Dante from Devil May Cry and Black Rock Shooter were spotted last Otakuthon 2012 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal - Montreal Convention Center (I say couple because of this other photo but correct me if I’m wrong).

A friend of mine, Satty, was one of the attendees at the convention, and he took a ton of photos. You might want to check out his Otakuthon album if you were one of the cosplayers at the con.

It looked like a pretty big convention. I wish I was there too.

10 August 2012

Jet Loaf: Loaf

jet loaf cosplay - loaf

In planet Kapopo, everyone has a halo above their heads fashioned according to a specific animal. Each halo has a tail, and the length of which is determined by the person’s wisdom, knowledge, and abilities.

Loaf has one of the longest tails the manga has introduced, and yet despite being sought after by many established universities, she prefers to beta test video games in the comfort of her own home!

Personally, I would prefer being a beta tester over teaching any time, but I’m not as smart as she is. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next book to come out to know more about her. This photo is making me hungry…

09 August 2012

Fairy Tail: Erza Scarlet 02

fairy tail cosplay - erza scarlet at oh no! manga cosplay camp

A 19-year-old S-Class Wizard, Erza Scarlet is usually tasked with performing extremely dangerous missions, as she is considered to be the most powerful female member of the guild. Having specialized in “The Knight” magic, she can quickly “re-equip” different weapons and change armor and clothes using a hammerspace. However, despite the obvious convenience of this technique, Erza usually hauls along a large number of suitcases while traveling.

It seems a lot of people are trying to find out who this cosplayer is from the Oh No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2012. I wonder if anyone ever managed to find out? Too bad I was still trying to figure out my camera’s proper settings or else I would have probably been able to take a much better picture!

EDIT: Thanks to Azreal for commenting that the cosplayer is Kristine Solis!

08 August 2012

Sailor Moon S: Sailor Uranus 04

sailor moon s cosplay - sailor uranus 4

A stubborn and protective individual, Tenoh Haruka is described to be strong-willed, capable, charming, and occasionally even doting. Although barely 16-years-old, she is a racecar driver who is extremely flirtatious and loves to tease pretty girls. The timing of Haruka’s birthday to the Japanese school year suggests that she is one grade ahead of the other Guardian Senshi.

Wow, she definitely looks like Sailor Uranus no matter how many times I look at this photo. Thanks to Danica for sending this in!

07 August 2012

Marvel: Spiderman

marvel cosplay - spiderman

An orphan living in New York City with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, Peter Parker was bitten bitten by a radioactive spider at a science exhibit when he was only in high school. He then acquired “the agility and proportionate strength of an arachnid”, giving him super strength and the ability to adhere to walls and ceilings. Through his love for science and ingenuity, he developed a gadget that lets him fire adhesive webbing through small, wrist-mounted barrels.

Alright, we all know who this web-slinger is, but you probably haven’t heard that these two heroes are just your average, everyday window washers who decided to don their superhero costumes when then went to work cleaning windows at a children’s hospital in England. Now if that’s not cosplaying for a cause, I don’t know what is. Thumbs up to you guys!