25 August 2012

Gokusen: Yamaguchi Kumiko “Yankumi” and Sawada Shin

gokusen cosplay - yamaguchi kumiko yankumi and sawada shin by juliann ysabel

As the granddaughter of the Yakuza boss, Kuroda of the Kuroda Ikka, Yamaguchi Kumiko is next in line to become the head of the family business, but her lifelong dream has always been to become a teacher. While her grandfather approves of her dream, there are many others in the family who wishes for her to become the next boss. When she finally becomes a teacher at an all-boys private high school, her class is full of delinquents and Sawada Shin is one of her first students to suspect that she was no ordinary teacher.

Cute cosplay by Juliann Ysabel and her friend, whose name we’ve yet to know! That punch looks a bit painful, are teachers even allowed to do that? Thanks again for sending this in!

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