31 August 2012

Final Fantasy X: Bahamut

final fantasy x cosplay - bahamut

Bahamut, sometimes called “The Dragon King”, is one of the most popular summons in the Final Fantasy series. He has appeared in several installments, including his own game entitled “Bahamut Lagoon”. Bahamut is typically depicted as the strongest among storyline summons and most of the time, the player must prove that they are worthy by winning a battle against Bahamut himself, or in rare occasions, another storyline boss.

I don’t know from which of the Final Fantasy series this Bahamut is, but needless to say, their cosplay is fantastic! Thanks to Jazz for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to 愛子 藤原 for letting me know that this Bahamut came from Final Fantasy X!


  1. I love this cosplay <3

    this bahamut is from final fantasy x

  2. This reincarnation of Bahamut is from Final Fantasy X :)
    By the way, have you came across a fan-made series called Dead Fantasy? I love that it features the some of the girls from the Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive series along with some surprising character appearances from other games~

  3. Thanks 愛子 and Syaza! Categorizing this properly now.

    And yes, I've seen Dead Fantasy, and I really love it! I'm wondering when the next episode will be, because I'd really love to see what happens next!