11 March 2012

Devil May Cry: Dante

devil may cry cosplay - danteEarly in the series, Dante is considered to be incredibly flippant, mouthing off to even the most powerful of demons and generally rubbing people the wrong way. Although he matures as the series progresses, he never really loses his attitude. Dante shows no fear and rarely gives any seriousness in his work, always having a witty taunt or comeback on hand.

I’m guessing the girls will be especially happy with today’s feature. I know I am! Thanks to Julia for sending this in!


  1. *inner fan-girl drooling and oogling like a fool* Stop that! *whacks inner-self*
    Lol, great to see another male cosplayer popping up in your blog @w@

  2. More and more fans are looking for real guys cosplaying male characters so it's not that hard to do. xD Although shoujo-ish series are still lacking in the male cosplayers department, unfortunately. ;_;

  3. Agree, i SO would love to see a cosplay of bobby-chan from macross frontier, i also watched the live bluray from a macross concert, and the voice actor for bobby is actualy very tall and has a great sense of humor ^^

  4. Bobby-chan, huh? Guess I could go hunting for one of those~ >3