17 July 2011

Touhou Project: Hakurei Reimu 05

touhou project cosplay - hakurei reimu 5 from winter comiket 2010Did you know that two or more "Reimu"s may exist in the Touhou Universe?

Apparently, there are circumstantial evidences suggesting that the Reimu from the PC-98 games may have been the ancestor of the Reimu from the Windows games. Despite Kazami Yuuka and Alice Margatroid “knowing” Reimu, they seem to compare instead of recalling a memory. Also, a different looking Reimu engaged Yakumo Yukari in battle after setting up the border in the Touhou Kinema-Kan animations, along with the fact that Reimu’s family may have also known Yukari for a long time.

It’s unlikely, but a trivia like this is always fun to read! I don’t know Touhou enough to know where this outfit is from, and are those other Touhou characters in the background? Thanks again to 4chanatic for sending this in!


  1. I don't know what this Reimu is from, but I spot a Youmu, Flandre, Alice, and Cirno in the background.

  2. I see Rei from Evangelion in the blue outfit and hair.

  3. The one with the blue hair and clothes is actually Cirno from Touhou.

  4. Thanks for correcting me St-Arcana.
    But, I betcha 100 bucks Cirno was based out of Rei's character design.. or at least inspired from.

  5. This is the Reimu from Touhou Tag Dream, a 4koma about professional-Touhou wrestling.