30 December 2012

Yu Yu Hakusho: Hiei, Kuwabara Kazuma, Urameshi Yusuke, and Kurama

yu yu hakusho cosplay - hiei, kuwabara kazuma, urameshi yusuke, and kurama by aira
Source: Picasa
After Yusuke managed to rescue Yukina from Toguro, he was invited to participate in the “Dark Tournament”; an event organized by corrupt humans with too much time and money in their hands. Teams of demons, and occasionally humans, fight each other in order to fulfill one wish, whatever that may be. Yusuke accepted the invitation along with Kuwabara Kazuma, Kurama, Hiei, and a disguised Genkai to form Team Urameshi.

Awesome cosplay is just awesome! All I know about this photo is that Aira is cosplaying Kurama. As for her other team members, your guess is as good as mine. Thanks again to Miguel for sending this in!

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