29 December 2012

Chobits: Chi 12

chobits cosplay - chii by kiyohari
Source: E-ShuuShuu
In the dark wind of a murky night
When I awake quietly and softly
Please let the world that reflects first
Let the voice that touches my ears
Be him for today, too
Please let everything be born from there on
And let no one live while suffering

I love the town that he is at
I love the rain that he is in
I love the sound that he is with

I hear you everywhere

“I Hear You Everywhere”
Translated by Anime Lyrics

Kiyohari’s so doll-like that it’s almost creepy! Then again, other people would probably disagree with me and say that she’s actually quite cute! In any case, thanks to Coco for sending this in!


  1. Can you tell me who is the cosplayer of Chii in this photo?

  2. I've seen more beatiful cosplay girls than Kiyohari seriously but still I admire her looks :)

  3. Nice, thanks! I'll try to look for her website and credit her! ^_^