18 June 2011

Yu Yu Hakusho: Minamino Shuichi aka Kurama 06

yu yu hakusho cosplay - minamina shuichi aka kurama 6After being fatally wounded, Youko Kurama, the demon thief, was left no choice but to fuse with the unborn child of Minamino Shiori. He was born as Minamino Shuichi, a human who retains his demon powers and consciousness at a much lower level. Kurama originally planned to return to his demon form after regenerating his powers, but a bond of love and loyalty forms between mother and son, one which Kurama could not bear to break. He then decided to stay with Shiori as her son.

So pretty! I want to have hair like that too. First found on Kurama Otaku’s Tumblr!

EDIT: Thanks to Mei Hoshi for letting me know that this is her cosplay! Please see more of her work in her deviant art account!


  1. omg that meee :D You can find the original here:




  2. Hi Mei Hoshi! (Wow, we have the same name!)

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! I will link you back to your deviant art account now~ Awesome cosplay!

    Oh, and please tell me where you got your wig, pretty please~? *_*

  3. Of course! I wrote a review on it here: http://kawaiiriceball.blogspot.com/2010/08/ebay-wig-review-cosplayanimewigs.html

    But you can purchase the wig here: http://www.cosplayanimewigs.com/28herelowawi7.html

  4. That is awesome, thank you! And I will definitely add you to my watch list on dA when my PC cooperates properly. >.<;;; Want to feature more of you soon!