20 December 2012

Magic Knight Rayearth: Ryuuzaki Umi, Shidou Hikaru, and Hououji Fuu

magic knight rayearth cosplay - ryuuzaki umi, shidou hikaru, and hououji fuu
Source: Tasha on Facebook

When Shidou Hikaru, Ryuuzaki Umi, and Hououji Fuu went on a field trip to the Tokyo Tower with their respective schools, the girls never would have guessed what amazing adventure awaited them that fateful day. The three girls were blinded by a flash of light where they heard a voice calling for the Legendary Magic Knights to save Cephiro. They fall through the sky into another world, a magical world where the power of your will determines the efficiency of one’s magic.

Beautiful Umi by Tasha! And I don’t know who her companions are exactly, but they all really look the part! Thanks again to Sean for sending this in!

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