17 April 2012

House of Flying Daggers: Xiao Mei

house of flying daggers cosplay - xiao mei

When Jin asked Xiao Mei for her name, he wondered why it was so plain when all the other girls were named after flowers. Xiao Mei quietly responded with, and I quote, “I don't want to compete with those others girls. The flowers here can hardly be called flowers. Real flowers bloom in the wilderness.”

I don’t know if you can still call this “cosplay” since it’s from a live-action movie instead of an anime or game, but you have to admit, the entire outfit is very well done, down to the smallest accessories. Thanks to Michelle for sending this in!


  1. Hey I love your blog, you have amazing pics, I loved this move I never thought about doing it but now I do! see me at my blog if you want some time! kissu... Sayuri

  2. For me, I would certainly consider this cosplay since she's dressed up as a 'character'. As long as it is character regardless whether its from a movie, tv-series, cartoon and so on; it's cosplay. Though this is just my personal opinion :)

    I feel like watching the movie again after seeing this, but at the same time I'm not sure I want to because I would already what the outcome will be :(

  3. Syaza: I agree, which is why I even feature Disney's Princesses. xD

    I've yet to actually see this movie, but with this cosplay? I think I'll go rent it today... :D