29 April 2012

Oh No! Manga CosplayBook: Call for Entries

Oh No! Manga will be publishing a CosplayBook and you are cordially invited to become a part of it!

Contribute your best shots to the Oh-No! Manga CosplayBook, out this September, 2012! Email 4 best photos to feature@ohnomanga.com with a short description about your cosplay background: your Alias, how you got into cosplaying, your specialty, and advise to those who would like to get into the hobby!

by: Oh No! Manga

This is open to all cosplayers from everywhere in the world! For more information, please check out their Facebook Page! Better hurry though, slots are limited so choose wisely and good luck! ♥


  1. Oh noes the background lol

    nice background mei, i like it ^^

  2. Ahaha! Sorry about that! xD I'm not quite done with the layout yet, so expect some falling debris along the way! >.<;;;

  3. chokaigi was past weekend i mailed you some pics :D good luck with making the site pretty!

  4. Uwah~ Thank you! I will look through them as soon as I can! >u<;;;

  5. Looks awesome already! Would you be helping out in judging the entries, Mei?

  6. Haha, no, no! Unless they ask me to help out, I think they're good to go. :D