08 April 2012

Macross Frontier: Mikhail Blanc

unknown cosplay 117 / macross frontier cosplay - mikhail michael blancNot only is this character unfamiliar to me, but I can’t even tell if the character is a boy or a girl! But I’m pretty sure the cosplayer is a girl though? If not a very handsome young man!

We have too many blond-haired, blue-eyed characters, so he could be any one of them, but perhaps that jacket will be a vital clue for those of you who like playing this blog game. Thanks to Rhianne for sending this in!

EDIT: Thanks to M for letting me know he is Mikhail Blanc from Macross Frontier!


  1. He is Micheal from Macross Frontier :)

  2. I thinks it's Mikhail Buran of macross frontier

  3. Thanks M and Fan! I'm going with "Mikhail Blanc" spelling as posted on Wikipedia. :D