03 September 2011

Vampire Knight: Kurenai Maria 03

vampire knight cosplay - kurenai maria 3WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Please read at your own risk!

After losing her Mistress Hio Shizuka and Kiryuu Ichiru, Kurenai Maria decided to attend the newly reconstructed Night Class of Cross Academy. Once there, she approached Kuran Yuki and asked, out of respect for a pureblooded vampire, to take Kiryuu Zero for herself. Although Maria had spoken to him once on campus, Zero has yet to reveal his decision.

Which is probably a “no” when you think about it. Thanks to Billy for sending this in!


  1. waaaaaaaaaa..soo good!! one of my.fav vampire Knight Characters.... :3

  2. Her face almost reminds me of the cosplayer, Saya. I wonder if this is her...? :x

  3. Not too sure if this is Saya or not, but we'll wait and see what other people think about it! If most people agree it's Saya, then I'll tag it. :3