22 September 2011

Final Fantasy VII: Tifa Lockhart 05

final fantasy vii cosplay - tifa lockhart 5 by rachelIn a flashback detailing the events prior to the game, Tifa and Cloud had decided to follow a path to a mountain near her hometown, Nilbelheim when they were still children. Although they both thought it would be a fun adventure at the time, things didn’t turn out so well when both of them became injured. Tifa ended up in a coma for a week and her father blamed Cloud for her injuries.

That’s kind of sad. I didn’t really play this game so I didn’t know they had such a sad past together.

Anyway! You can probably recognize this cosplayer! She’s Rachel, who was featured about a month ago for her cosplay of Rinoa Heartily from Kingdom Hearts III! Thanks again for allowing me to post this and we definitely look forward to more cosplays from you!


  1. Nice cosplay once again. Hmmm looks like an event due to the backdrop. Wonder what....

  2. I have no idea... I'll need to ask Rachel the next time I email her. :D

  3. i love her face, very pretty... i hope to see more of her cosplay!!!