01 September 2011

CH & HC's Cosplay Giveaway Sweepstakes: WINNER!

I know the winner is supposed to be announced on the 9th of September, but I had some time today, so I decided, what the hey!

And so, the Sweepstakes Entry received a total of 9 comments, 2 of which came from me. I used random.org’s random number generator to tell me who should I pick for the winner of our first contest!


The 7th commenter who is…


Wah! Ok, this is definitely not a valid winner! How could the host win her own contest?

Needless to say, I had to do the random number generator again…



Because I really love maids. :3
Their form is so beautiful, combination of white and black is great!
I've always wanted a maid-suit. Now I have a chance to get it. ^__^

I’m glad you took the chance! I hope you will enjoy your prize. Maybe we can even get a cosplay photo once you get it?

Thanks to everyone who joined our contest!

Please do leave your comments below if you’d like to give feedback or suggestions as to what our next contest should have… or if we should even make one again at all!

Congratulations again, Cirno-chan! Please check your email and you will find instructions on how to claim your prize!


  1. It's well deserved ^^ congratulations on winning the contest !

  2. Definitely more contests! More cosplay outfits are welcome or products like make up, or accessories. Anything~ Grats for the winner :)

  3. We might have another contest coming up! And our facebook has a teaser about it already~~ :D Check it out?