17 September 2011

LovePlus: Takane Manaka 03

loveplus cosplay - takane manaka 3 from summer comiket 2011By default, Takane Manaka is a dutiful girl who can be a little stubborn. It would depend on how you play the game whether or not Manaka eventually warms up to you. Be very careful though, because she is the “unattainable flower” of the game, so expect a lot of challenges up ahead!

This cosplayer looks like she is quite an unattainable flower herself! Summer Comiket 2011 looks like a photographer’s paradise with all these amazing photos. Thanks again to 4chanatic for sending this!


  1. I looked up Comiket. And I'm astounded by it's attendance. Over 500,000 in recent years?! America's largest anime expo is just a fraction of that. Guess most fans are in Japan. Anyway, nice cosplay here. It's kinda simple but she is pretty.

  2. Ahaha! It's a day of testing your patience from what I've heard. You need to fall in line for everything there, including going home by train!

    Well, if it's any consolation, most anime cons here in the Philippines are only attended by hundreds. We haven't reached thousands yet, I think! (Or maybe, 1-2 thousand the most?)