05 September 2011

Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha: Hei 02

darker than black: kuro no keiyakusha cosplay - hei 2

Appearing to be nothing more than a gentle-hearted student from China named Li Shengshun, Hei takes on the role of a seemingly affectless and ruthless killer nicknamed “The Black Reaper”. This alias was earned based on the stories of BK-201’s accomplishments as an assassin during the war at Heaven’s Gate. He has a huge appetite, but his true character is shrouded in mystery as he lacks the typical rational reasoning demonstrated by all Contractors and he also seems to lack obeisance, which is the “cost” paid for using Contract Powers.

Not so sure about that creepy mask, but awesome cosplay nonetheless! Thanks to Zero for sending this in!

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